Writing⑥ 高得点(26点以上)をとるための方法(Integrated編その1)




The author of the reading passage presents three possible reasons why the “let it burn” policy has negative effects on the environment of natural forests. However, the professor casts doubt on this by providing information that shows the “let it burn” policy is a fundamentally good one.

The first reason mentioned by the reading passage is that the big forest fires, such as Yellowstone fires, caused tremendous damage to the park’s trees and other vegetation. Conversely, the professor negates this by asserting that some plants can get the opportunity to grow due to forest fires. For example, forest fires makes certain space in which new small plants can grow. This is in (direct) contradiction to what is indicated in the reading passage.

The second reason described by the reading passage is that forest fires cause the destruction of habitats and the disruption of the food chain. According to the passage, this would make it impossible for the animals that survived the fire to return. On the contrary, the professor contradicts this by contending that forest fires make ideal habitats for small animals like rabbits or hares. The professor claims that new food chains generated by forest fires become even stronger than before. This is an important point that was not considered by the author of the reading passage.

The third reason identified by the reading passage is that big forest fires massively reduce the number of visitors in tourist season. Therefore the fires have negative effects on the local economy. The professor is in opposition to this and states that such big forest fires may not occur frequently. Besides, as far as the professor knows, the number of visitors recovered soon after the fire. This is yet another example of how the professor and the author of the reading passage contradict one another.

In conclusion, the main arguments put forth by the professor make the claims of the author of the reading passage more doubtful.

ただし,最後にWriting26点をとった時は,上記太字の部分も含め,テンプレートを逸脱し,自分が一番説明しやすいやり方で書ききることを目指した。したがって,もっとも良い点をとった時は,結論も書かなかったし,readingとlectureの順番を反対にして書き進めたりしていた。こちらの方が結果的に良かったと思うので,結論的には, independent task同様,テンプレートにこだわる必要はない。

Integrated に関しては,このブログが参考になった。日本における唯一(?)のETS公認トレーナーの方の解説である。




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